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NY lie detector
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NY lie detector

NY lie detector - Lie Detection For Lovers

Lie Detection for Lovers set the standard for the use of the polygraph in relationship issues.
The polygraph has and will always be the chief investigative tool of Law Enforcement throughout the world but not until 1993 when "THE VOICE OF TRUTH" first appeared on national TV was the polygraph recognized as a useful tool in helping couples to find the answers they were seeking.

In 1994 due to the overwhelming interest in this concept, created by Dennis DeBernardis who has appeared on more nationally televised shows and is considered the "POLYGRAPH EXAMINER TO THE STARS", the first TV Pilot using lie detection for use in relationships was created and called
                                              "ANYTHING BUT THE TRUTH".
This was Reality TV in the making. Prior lie detectors for TV were strictly used for criminal matters, but now a whole new concept was born allowing couples to mend their strained relationships by seeking the Truth!. Recently a show with a similar title and a producer who never performed a polygraph examination stated claim to this concept but was 14 years to late. "We are the innovators not the imitators"

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A polygraph examination can be administered in the comfort of your home where you will feel more at eased and relaxed in a comfortable and familiar surrounding. Or you can come into one of our many locations. The choice is yours.

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NY lie detector


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