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NY polygraph


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LIE DETECTION FOR LOVERS is a concept created solely for the purpose of dealing directly with couple interaction through the use of the Polygraph, commonly known as The Lie Detector. (The primary investigative tool of Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the world).

A certified Polygraph Examiner since 1979 and former New York City Police Officer, Dennis DeBernardis (now retired) has combined the experience of both and developed a technique utilizing the Polygraph, called "RELATIONSHIP REPAIR", to help couples mend strained relations caused by Deception. This technique is frequently used today.

With appearances on MTV's TRL with Ben Affleck, Montel Williams, Geraldo, and Richard Bey, he has been besieged with requests throughout the United States and syndicated viewing audiences to answer THE UNANSWERABLE. Since his first Talk Show appearance on Geraldo, his concept has been copied by many, but none have been able to copy his unique and unorthodox manner to rise to the occasion when called upon. He has received a special recognition with Talk Show viewers and audiences alike, not by his name, but simply as....THE VOICE OF TRUTH


NY polygraph


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